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  • Practice and improve student writing and editing skills in Spanish.
  • Effectively assess student writing abilities.

Resource Instructions

Need a Spanish writing section for your midterm, midyear, or final exam for your Spanish II/intermediate students? This Spanish writing exam unit has everything that you will need. It will prepare your students for their Spanish writing exams and help you successfully administer and grade the exams. 
To prepare for the exam the unit includes:
1. A sample writing activity
2. Peer edit sheets (to help students 
learn to check their work)
3. A poorly written composition to 
correct in class (with answer key) 

For the day of the exam the unit includes:
1. Two separate writing exams, one for
a midyear exam and one for a 
final exam
2. Lined sheets with the rubric on the 
bottom for the students during the 
3. A teacher correction symbols sheet
4. A grading rubric for the teacher


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