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  • Header cards
    Context Clue cards
    The numbers of the cards correspond to headers in the following manner: Definition - 6, 13, 18; Synonym - 1, 9, 11; Antonym - 8, 14, 16; Example - 3, 5, 15; General - 2, 12, 17.
  • context clues extension sheet.
    Optional: Provide students with a copy of the bookmark that features the context clues.
    If text in this activity is not appropriate for your students, use text that is more applicable.


  • The student will use strategies to identify the meaning of words in context.

Resource Instructions

Students read text containing context clues that assist with determining the meaning of unfamiliar words and sort by type.
1. Place header cards face up in a row. Place Context Clue cards face down in a stack. Provide each student with a student sheet.
2. Taking turns, students select the top card from the stack and read it aloud.
3. Look at the underlined word. Decide what type of context clue is used to assist with understanding the meaning of the word.
4. Place under appropriate header card.
5. Continue until all cards are sorted.

6. Write other Context Clue cards to sort.

7. Identify the type of context clues in each example of context clues extension sheet.


Add examples in which context clues do not help with meaning and sort with others
(context clue-no clue extension card). Answers for No Context Clues: 4, 7, 10


Use peer evaluation and teacher evaluation of context clues extension sheet.

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