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New York, NY
PK - 12
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Less than 10
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  • an assortment of vegetables
  • drawing paper
  • colored pencils
  • scissors
  • black Sharpie markers
  • glue
  • black construction paper (about 11" X 17"), one sheet per student
  • copies of the vegetable request letter


After completing the unit plan, students will:

1. Gain the knowledge and skills to select a diet that supports health and reduces the risk of illness and future chronic diseases. ~ Massachusetts Health Curriculum Framework

2. Identify a variety of fruits and vegetables and how they are grown and harvested.

3. Identify the connection between food served in the home with regional food production. ~ Massachusetts Health Curriculum Framework

Resource Instructions

Gather students together and share some of the Guiseppe Archimboldo images. Have a discussion about what the artist used to create his faces. Explain that students will have the opportunity to create similar faces.

Use a Sharpie to demonstrate how to draw the outline of a vegetable. Use colored pencils to color the vegetable drawings before cutting them out. After washing their hands, give students the opportunity to arrange the vegetables to create faces.

After they've had a chance to experiment with vegetable faces, students can arrange their vegetable drawings on a sheet of black paper to create a portrait. Once they are satisfied with their face, they can glue the drawings to the paper.


  1. Have students write a grocery list of the vegetables they used in their collage.
  2. Try using fruits to perform the same activity.


  1. Are students engaged and on task?
  2. Do all students have a finished product that looks like a face?

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