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PK - 12
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  • Feathers for Lunch by Lois Ehlert
  • shovels
  • plants
  • watering can or hose
  • chart paper
  • marker



Students will "identify the ways in which an organism’s habitat provides for its basic needs (plants require air, water, nutrients, and light; animals require food, water, air, and shelter)." --Massachusetts Science and Technology/Engineering Curriculum Framework

Resource Instructions

Identify some birds that are native to your area and discuss the habitat they need to survive. Have a conversation about what kinds of adaptations can be made to create a habitat that would be appropriate for a local bird species. Use the chart paper to record the thoughts of students.

Using plants students have grown, or have come from a local nursery, create a garden. This might take place in a corner of the playground, in planters by the entrance to the school, or perhaps at a local library, town hall, or recreation center.


Plant seeds that will grow into plants helpful to native birds. Have students take these plants home to transplant.

Create a map of where the plants will be placed.

Buy some bird calls from a naturalist shop and have children try to identify the various calls. A crow call is particularly fun. Or try buying a recording of birdsong.

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