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New York, NY
PK - 12
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Less than 10
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  • Nothing Ever Happens on 90th Street by Roni Schotter
  • chart paper
  • writer's notebook for each student
  • Post-it Notes


Students will discuss and create a class list of how writers get their ideas for writing and generate a list of future ideas for their own writing.

Resource Instructions

I explain to the students that I am going to read a book about a girl who has difficulty finding topics to write about. While I read the story the students are asked to write down the different places the main character found inspiration for writing. (My students would have a set of post-it notes to write down their ideas. Later they will put the post-it notes in their writer’s notebook for future reference.) I also ask them to jot down any ideas or topics they can later write about in their writer’s notebooks. As I read, I stop every couple of pages and model my own thinking and ideas for the students.

After reading the story, I have the students turn to the person sitting next to them and discuss what new ideas they have for where writers get their ideas and topics they might want to write about. Next, we add any new ideas to our class chart. I then have the students copy the chart (Where Writers Get Ideas) into the front of their writer’s notebooks. At the back of their notebooks, I have them place the post-it notes with writing ideas so whenever they are stuck they have a place to go for ideas.


Other books that will inspire your students to write:
A Writer's Notebook: Unlocking the Writer within You by Ralph Fletcher
Live Writing: Breathing Life into Your Words by Ralph Fletcher
Amelia's Notebook (Amelia) by Marissa Moss

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